File 001: The Emerald Ash Borer



Who: The Emerald Ash Borer is an aggressive beetle who borrows in wood and is especially destructive to ash trees.

Though both the insect and the pathways it makes in trees may appear beautiful, this insect is an INVASIVE SPECIES in North America! This means that is not native to the…



Antarctic fur seal pups, Arctocephalus gazella, South Georgia Island (x)

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It’s actually impossible to measure how many fucks a corvid give because there is no device sensitive enough to register such a tiny amount.

science/animal side of tumblr… explain to me the birb thing

Tail Pulling is a behavior noted in many corvids. The practical application is to create a distraction that will allow the birb to make off with the target’s food. Imagine being in the lunch room and a large fellow has a Twinkie you covet. You can’t just take it from him because he’ll defend his Twinkie. But if you thwap him on the back of his neck and then dash around to snag the Twinkie while he investigates, you stand a decent chance of enjoying spongey goodness. This is basically that in birb form.

Except corvids don’t only do this as a distraction. Sometimes they seem to just being doing it to mess with other animals/birbs. But to use my lunch room analogy, there are times you might thwap someone sneakily on the back of the neck just for amusement. Primates exhibit behavior that appears to be just be annoying other animals for amusement. Given how intelligent crows are, its not unlikely that this is a manifestation of an innate desire to just fuck with someone else for the fun of it. Such as this from the link above:

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Olaf Otto Becker - Under The Nordic Light


A toadstool being used as a …toad stool


Bats are really cool and I love them.

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